Born and raised in Berlin. Works and lives between Vienna – Berlin.

2015/Cofounder of the collective GLEISDREIECK which is dedicated to promotion of art, culture and social debate.

2016/Master of Arts in Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna.

2016/Cofounder of the collective JOURNEY TO TARAB which known for hosting a series of events and open airs in Vienna and it’s clubscene as well as a music festival of the same name.


Group Shows

2014/WalterWillWasReissen: photo series – Form und Licht @ Garage X, Vienna

2015/Prints for Refugees: Auszug einer Erinnerung, Brüche des Lichts @ Ragnarhof, Vienna

2016/photo::vienna: photo series – Stadtgesichter @ Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna


Film Festivals

2015/6thAustrian Independent Film Festival:  Kinderspiel (2014)

2016/7thAustrian Independent Film Festival – Part 1: Was vom Tage übrig bleibt (2014)

2016/7thAustrian Independent Film Festival – Part 2: Die versiegelte Zeit (2016)


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