I paint with light, pour dreams into pictures.

And yet the image is only created in the mind of each spectator. Always different, always new – endless dreams in countless images.

But what remains? 

This exhibition is dedicated to our depths. To all those parts that consciously or unconsciously state us. Origin, experiences, socialisation and how we evaluate those constantly influence our perception – of the outer and inner world. But what does it say about us when what we perceive slowly eludes any relationship to physical reality? The abstract as an imaginary space, similar to a Rorschach test, could grant us the possibility to discover and recognise ourselves – anew – in the act of gaze.

I invite you to try it out – the first impulse counts. In this exhibition I would like to give everyone the opportunity to become part of the works. A large part of the works is still untitled. With the help of a web form you can assign potential titles to the works. You can view the results in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

In the following gallery you will find in the description line of the images the results of the submitted titles: