PROCEDO is an audio-visual installation project by Iranian composer Alireza Toghiyani and the German-Polish experimental photographer and filmmaker Mateusz Wiglinzki. By turning away from an inflationary image and sound culture, Toghiyani and Wiglinzki shifted towards experimentation. Based on Wiglinzki’s photographic work, Toghiyani developed a sound composition that later merged into a series of audio-visual installation objects that dissolve the boundaries between different artistic disciplines. The basic idea of transformation and process-oriented work is the focus of their work.

Opening hours:

DO 24.9 20-22 Uhr
FR 25.9 19-22 Uhr
SA 26.9 18-22 Uhr

Galerie Die Schöne – Kuffnergasse 7, 1160 Wien – Austria